Do we really need a God today?

Most people in this country have food, shelter and healthcare (a car, cell phones, air conditioning, micro-wave ovens and cable TV), and have not seen a connection between those “things” and God’s blessings, so it’s no wonder we would ask that question. In addition, Satan has been actively working throughout human history trying to convince us that there is no God. But God did put it in our hearts to seek out something greater than ourselves. Also, all throughout the human history people have been creating their own gods and worshiping them. Today we worship movie stars, athletes, political leaders, cars, houses or ourselves, but none of those things will bring us the joy and contentment that God intended and planned for us to have. It would be like living your life with sight alone when God intended you to live with sight, hearing, touch and smell. You don't know what you're missing until you have all that God intended for you.

Learn more about the plans God has for you. Spend time in His “instruction manual”, the Holy Bible. Join us at Amazing Grace Church, and we'll share the journey with you.